is  vital  to  good  health.

Massage in Portland ME

Originally used as a Physical Therapy modality and now as part of CAM (Complimentary Alternative Medicine), massage is generally a low-risk, high benefit therapy that can apply to all ages - from birth to elderly ! A simple and effective therapy for people in search of relaxation, tension relief, rehabilitation, athletic performance and body awareness.

Coordinating skilled and passionate therapists who practice a variety of modalities sets us apart from mainstream massage. We can proudly say that we provide the best massage in Portland, ME

** 15 min  Free  Consult with any therapist -
- for New or Established Clients
- to simply 'meet the therapist'
- to inquire about the practice/ massage
- to view the space

NOTE: Any session can include a 'full-sequence'
an area of concentrated focus

Become a Member of our Referral Program !

Receive $15  Off any massage for  EACH  New  Client  referred to our network

Referred New Clients must present at least ONCE to validate program

Birthday Special: 20 %  D/C  on  any  massage  during  the  month  of  your  birth
Receive a  30 %  D/C  when  buying   G.C.s  during   NOVEMBER   2012 !

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